Working hard and having fun!

What our clients say

"We have been doing Pilates at Pilates Bodyworks twice weekly for over six years.
Our teacher is very aware of our physical and mental well-being and tailors sessions to suit.
We have improved stability, flexibility, strength, tone and shape.
The studio caters for all age groups. As an older couple we find our sessions enjoyable and beneficial."

- Jennie & David Donaldson, 60+, Retired

"I started pilates at Pilates Bodyworks South Yarra after my first child was born in an effort to regain my fitness and strength. I enjoyed it so much that I continued attending a weekly class throughout my second pregnancy until I was 37 weeks pregnant. Every class was adapted to suit my changing body and helped me feel strong and fit throughout my pregnancy. Iā€™m sure that maintaining my fitness through pilates contributed to my quick recovery after the birth of my second baby." 

- Emily Angus, 30+, Mother of two lovely boys

"I have tried pilates at several clinics and physiotherapists over the past ten years. The classes here are unparalleled. Every class is different, working various parts of the body, with variety to keep things interesting. After a year of attending, I still find I'm trying new exercises with every visit. My teacher has a unique ability to keep her eye on every individual in her small classes, and her nuanced corrections are always delivered instantly. I've felt myself getting stronger and, more importantly, making postural corrections in daily life away from class. Classes are fun, and I always look forward to returning!"

Lauren Young, 30+, Doctor



"My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have been instructed by Karen. Her attention to detail and technique is unparalleled and her incredible ability to maintain engaging variability has made two keen and loyal and constantly improving students out of us. We would recommend that anyone looking to benefit from years of experience in teaching and practicing pilates look no further than Karen at Pilates Bodyworks."

Rod Martell, 30+, Software Engineer

"I began Pilates after having surgery on my back. My initial goal was to improve the strength in my lower back. It was great that my teacher could develop a program that catered to my injury. After 6 months of weekly private sessions not only is my back stronger, so too is my overall fitness. I've noticed a great improvement in my flexibility, core strength and general muscle tone."

- Jolyon Gray, 40+, Retail Management

pilates bodyworks client

"When I started Pilates my goal was to improve my posture and core strength. Sitting and working 10-12 hours per day with limited opportunities to exercise had taken its toll on my body and I was holding a lot of stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. Two years of Pilates later and I have never looked back. I enjoy the small group sessions as they create a strong community environment whilst also allow our teacher to work with each of us based on our individual needs. Thank you to the team for their continued support and challenge in helping me to achieve and maintain my fitness goals and objectives."

- Kate Dowling, 30+, Management Consultant